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How is a cohabitation agreement prepared? How is a family business divided up? What does a child of only one of the cohabiting partners inherit?

We perform all kinds of family-related legal work. This may concern pre-nuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, deeds of gift, wills, joint ownership agreements, family business inheritance and similar issues. We analyse, offer advice and prepare documents so as to prevent conflicts.

Family matters are often a traditional Commercial law nature, involving the law of landlord and tenant, real estate law, tax law, winding up a business or the preparation of shareholder agreements. Our family law specialists have many years´ experience. Work requiring knowledge of other areas of law is undertaken by staff possessing the necessary specialist expertise.

We also assist in disputes concerning custody, inheritance and the partition of marital property. We represent parties in dealing with marital property administrators and estate administrators, and in court.

We are often appointed marital property administrators and estate administrators, assuming an impartial role under court orders. As part of these engagements, we prepare the estate inventory and other documents, administer and manage the estate and distribute the estate or divide marital property.

We are also invited to speak at individual companies and are engaged hired by Swedish and foreign legal organisations and higher education institutions such as Domstolsakademin.

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