Corporate and commercial law

A closer description of our practice areas in corporate and commercial law can be found below.

Employment law

We offer advice on legal issues relating to employment – from recruitment to dismissal. It is also essential to take employment law into account in conjunction with reorganisation, acquisitions and divestments.

We advise on occupational health and safety, employment contracts, collective bargaining agreements, co-determination at work, problems with individual employees, termination, redundancy and compensation.

We also help individual employees in negotiations and court proceedings, e.g. following termination of employment.

Law of associations - Company law

Choice of business form has far-reaching financial and legal implications.

We have extensive experience of helping Swedish and international clients to establish companies, associations and foundations, and of drafting shareholders’ agreements and other cooperation and joint operation agreements. We also advise on the raising of capital and restructuring of businesses and groups of companies.

We have a number of specialists in directors’ liability, liquidation and the statutory prohibition on lending to shareholders.

Several of the firm’s lawyers hold directorships, and we are also regularly engaged to chair company general meetings.

Stock market and finance law

We have extensive experience of stock market law, and provide specialist expertise on issuances, IPOs, listings, squeeze-out, insider dealing, corporate governance and supply of information.

Mergers & Aquisitions

M&A requires thorough groundwork and a carefully thought-out purchase agreement, whether the transfer is one of a business or of shares. We have lawyers with long experience of mergers and acquisitions.

If the transaction involves specialised areas of law, we are able to provide advice on tax, real estate, environment and employment law aspects, for example.

Where enterprises operate in multiple jurisdictions, we benefit greatly from our international contacts at foreign law firms, and our membership of the European Law Firm (ELF) network.

Insurance law, tort and claims for damages

We possess the expertise needed to successfully pursue claims for compensation in insurance and tort cases, both for companies and for individuals. Claims for compensation may be founded on an insurance policy or general principles of tort. Claims for damages can also arise in contractual relationships.

We act both for claimants and for insurance companies in litigation.

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Intellectual property and market law

Intellectual property rights such as trademarks and copyright are often the most valuable assets a business has. We have broad expertise in interrelated areas of IP, such as competition law, market law, marketing, knowledge transfer and protection of trade secrets.

We assist in drafting agreements. If a conflict arises, we give advice and assist in and out of court. We also offer advice on commercialisation of intangibles, and related issues.

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IT and telecommunications

We specialise in legal advice on IT agreements covering areas such as licensing, outsourcing and cloud services, as well as internet and online services. We also help with regulatory issues, and questions of data security, privacy and GDPR.

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Dispute resolution and litigation

Well-drafted agreements and the best of intentions notwithstanding, disputes arise between parties.

We act for businesses, private individuals and organisations in a wide variety of disputes. These may result in mediation, proceedings before courts of general jurisdiction, arbitration, disputes before rent and land tribunals, and before the administrative courts.

In disputes outside Sweden we can advise on the choice of lawyer, act for and assists clients and explain differences between Swedish and non-Swedish proceedings.

Our lawyers accept engagements as arbitrators in Swedish and international disputes.