Our story

Today, Lindskog Malmström Advokatbyrå is a medium-sized Stockholm-based law firm, with offices at Norrmalmstorg in the centre of Stockholm.

The origins of the firm are to be found in the 1940s, when two lawyers – Sten Lindskog and Bure Malmström – each formed their own firm.

Sten Lindskogs Advokatbyrå originally specialised in business law, later broadening its practice to include insolvency and bankruptcy receivership.

Right from the outset, Bure Malmströms Advokatbyrå placed great emphasis on general and specialised real property law. From 1950 to the late 1970s the lower Norrmalm district of central Stockholm underwent an extensive process of demolition and rejuvenation. This resulted in a large number of property law and compulsory purchase engagements for the firm, whose growth kept pace with a city in transition.

In 1967 the firm merged with Malmenfelt Advokatbyrå, a firm whose core practice lay in general and specialised property law. The name of the new firm was Malmström Malmenfelt Advokatbyrå.

Thirty years later, in 1997, it was time for further consolidation, when Sten Lindskogs Advokatbyrå merged with Malmström Malmenfelt Advokatbyrå, forming the current firm of Lindskog Malmström Advokatbyrå.

The idea of the merger was to be able to offer clients a broad spectrum of legal services performed by lawyers highly skilled in their specialised fields. Over the years, this has proved to be a successful concept. Today, the firm provides a broader range of services than ever before, and is able to offer a “one-stop shop” for those client who so wish.