Approach and Values

Arbetssätt och värderingar - Lindskog Malmström Advokatbyrå

Lindskog Malmström’s guiding principle is to be on hand whenever needed to offer our clients cost-effective counselling. Our investment in technology has enabled us to work very efficiently – from the office and elsewhere. For the client, the end result of our advice is often better if we are able to work proactively on the business and legal aspects of the project or case.

We place great store on being a part of our clients’ day-to-day business. This involves time spent regularly at our clients’ premises. Lawyers at the firm often serve as directors or secretaries of the board of our client companies. This enable us to take account of both legal and the business dimension. As a result, we can get to work quickly on new engagements because we are already familiar with the client´s overall strategy and goals.

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