Advokatbyrå Lindskog Malmström på Norrmalmstorg

Lindskog Malmström’s history dates back to the Stockholm of 1942.

Sten Lindskog establishes a law firm in his name, with the emphasis on corporate law. Six years later, Bure Malmström starts a law firm dedicated to corporate, criminal and real estate law. At the time there is no connection between the two firms.

Real estate law sees a considerable upswing in the 1950s as Stockholm and other Towns grow rapidly. Malmström’s firm grows in tandem with the new construction projects, and in 1967 joins forces with Malmenfelt’s law firm to form Malmström and Malmenfelt. Sten Lindskog expands his practice in the 1960s to include insolvency and bankruptcy receivership. In 1997 the two firms unite to form Lindskog Malmström. Their aim was to offer clients a broad spectrum of legal expertise, an objective they maintain to this day.

In 2011 the firm relocated to Norrmalmstorg 14 in central Stockholm.

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